(si tiene una pregunta o desea ésta información en español, favor de contactar al Padre Rodrigo  Ulloa   RUlloa@Maryknoll.org o llamar a 888-627-9566)

Your application process begins when the Maryknoll vocation minister accompanying you, our Admissions Director and you all agree that entry into Maryknoll’s Formation program would be your next sound step toward becoming a missionary priest or brother. Once agreement is reached, you would then make a formal petition for admission into Maryknoll’s Formation program.

Soon afterward, you will receive an application packet. This packet contains forms that will be needed by us to complete your admission. These include:
•  An application form
•  A request for official transcripts
•  A request for Birth, Baptismal, and Confirmation certificates
•  A background check release form
•  Five recommendation forms which you will be asked to distribute to selected people
•  Forms to be submitted by health care professionals after completing medical and dental exams
•  And you will be requested to send two passport-sized photos.

Once this material is received by our Admission Director, you will be required to travel to Maryknoll, NY, for approximately 3 to 4 days of interviews and psychological evaluation. This is also a prayerful time and an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of our Maryknoll community as this phase of your Maryknoll journey comes to fulfillment.

Typically soon afterward, our Admissions Board meets to determine if Maryknoll’s Initial Formation program is «right» for you at this point in your life. If so, you will be invited to join our Initial Formation Program located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and begin the next phase of your Maryknoll journey.